A R Brown Law Firm is located at the corner Carlin Avenue and Folly Road on James Island, just one block from Harbor View Road. Our office is just 10 minutes from Downtown Charleston, easily accessible via your choice of Folly Road or SC 30. 

As you are coming down Folly Road from points North, Carlin Road and the A R Brown Law Firm will be on your right just before Harbor View Road. Please note that from points South on Folly Road, including coming via SC 30/James Island Expressway to the Harbor View Road exit, there is no left turn lane to Carlin Road/our office; however, if you continue just one block past Carlin Avenue to Houghton Drive there is a center turn lane there. Three quick lefts, onto Houghton Drive, Lydia Lane, and Carlin Drive, will get to our front door.